Visibility on Social Media

Know that being visible on social media is important. We need to have better consistency with our posting to social media. Unfortunately, we find that allocating time to social media gets lost in the rush of everything else we have to get done. Also, coming up with a theme is time consuming and hard to come up with. Any ideas of what we can do?

Thoughts of the Day:  Make social media someone’s job, and make sure that person buys in to the importance of it. Identify the platforms your audience is on. Make a content calendar. Put technology in place to help manage social media. Create a mix of what you sell and who you are / what the company stands for.

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Being nice does not mean being a doormat

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I’m not aggressive and I have to get it done. I’m a nice guy, but while I tend to see the best in other people, I know I also get walked on by vendors, customers and sometimes even employees. How do I find the balance?

THOUGHTS OF THE DAY: Think about what makes you call yourself a “nice guy.” Hone skills that are synonymous with leadership. Make sure you’re clear about where you want to go with the company. Make asking for input a sign of strength, not weakness.

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Communicate clearly through your marketing plan

We don’t know who we should be marketing to or how. We definitely don’t have a plan of attack. Looking for suggestions.

Thoughts of the day: Start by reading about what goes into making a good marketing plan. Define what makes your company stand out. Take a good hard look at who wants what you have to offer. Jump in by picking a few marketing efforts to focus on, but have a context into which those fit.

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Summertime, and the working isn’t easy

Last year, we should have maxed out August. Ended up being one of our lowest months because of vacations, one guy on light duty then didn’t come in, second guy struggling with shoulder problems. We were counting on this revenue, and now we don’t have it. Can’t let that happen again this year. What should we do?

Thoughts of the day… Make a plan for what’s expected. It’s important to know how long each job will take. Weekly calendar adjustments are essential. Have a plan for making the last hour(s) of the day productive. Make time for downtime. Work with sales to maximize profits.

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Make your business unique

We need a differentiator; as an industry we’re being commoditized. We won’t be able to stay in business forever unless things change.

Thoughts of the day: Offering something unique boosts profitability and chances for survival in any small business. Avoid price wars. Turn away some buyers in order to create value. Don’t get complacent. Be nimble.

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