Instill Passion in Your Workers

We have concerns regarding our sales and service people. We need to see more intensity and passion. How do we help these people get there?

THOUGHTS OF THE DAY: What is it that you’re trying to accomplish? Define your real objectives. Give people a mission worth caring about. Take time to prepare your message so that it’s well received. Practice being adaptable.

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If it’s Getting to be Time to Sell the Business

Thinking about whether it’s time to get out, and who would we sell to if we did decide to quit, and for how much. Not in a rush, but it’s time to get prepared. Wondering how best to go about doing this.

Thoughts of the Day:  Knowing what you need to get is different from knowing what you can get from a sale. Optimal buyers don’t just show up. If you’re running out of time, make the best deal that you can.

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Our Company’s Future Voice

Our industry is going through a tremendous amount of change. We have to get ahead of the curve or we risk being left behind in a declining business. We need to figure out how to present ourselves in the best light to create opportunity in the future. What should we say about our future when we talk to potential and existing clients? What will result in a thriving, profitable business?


THOUGHTS OF THE DAY: Build a business that’s worth having in the future. Talk to successful, thriving customers about where they’re going and what they’ll need. Create a voice that mirrors your most profitable, forward-thinking customers and prospects.

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Working with Intention Towards Marketing

We see marketing as necessary, we just don’t budget for it. And we don’t have a plan, no clue how to build one. We try stuff and hope it works. How much should we spend on marketing? How many things should we be trying? How do we figure out what to invest in for the future?

THOUGHTS OF THE DAY: Marketing is complex and most owners lack a comprehensive approach. Taking wild guesses is a popular approach, but not the best way to proceed. Improve your chances of getting what you want by defining where it is you want to go. Test, test, test, then commit.

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Who’s Right for Sales?

We have an employee who we think, perhaps, is the wrong fit in sales — or is it too early to tell? Should salespeople have more experience? (Fortunately he’s doing well in account management.) What should we be looking for in a salesperson?

THOUGHTS OF THE DAY:  Should you hire for experience or train from the bottom up? When it comes to sales positions, there is no one size fits all. Account management can be a great starting position for people who want to go into sales. Does your candidate want to go into sales?

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