Moving Customers Toward Making the Purchase


Some customers have told us that they don’t have the budget right now to buy. We know they’re not going somewhere else, they’re just postponing the purchase. How can we get them to take action sooner rather than later?

THOUGHTS OF THE DAY: Sometimes customers lack the will to act. Other times, you may not be talking to the real decision maker. Some customers need you to do the math for them. Make sure the customer knows you’ll be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Continue reading “Moving Customers Toward Making the Purchase”


Why Plan?

Finding it difficult to move things from in my head to getting it down on paper. Hear lots of my business friends say they, too, have plans for their businesses, but it’s all in their heads, not written down. Any suggestions on why that is, and what to do about it?

Thoughts of the Day: If you don’t have a written business plan, you’re not alone. Stats show you get higher results when you do. Follow some simple “How To’s” to get started.

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Urgent or Important, What’s On Your List of To Do’s?

I just don’t have time to do the things I need to do. I get in early, leave late, still have a ton of things on my task list. I know we’re all busy and that’s as it should be. But this is crazy. I’ll never get through it all. Feel like I’m drowning. What can you suggest?


THOUGHTS OF THE DAY: Start the day with one of the big, bad, important to do’s. Set realistic expectations. Organize based on importance. Hire to your weaknesses. Learn to delegate effectively.

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Leaders Focus on Smooth Running and Growing Year After Year

It’s up to me to organize the workflow – which is all about being in the office to oversee what’s going on. But I also have to arrange time when I don’t have to be in the office so I can be out selling. Those are my top two goals as the owner and leader of my company. How can you help me do a good job at both?

Thoughts of the Day: All business owners have lots of demands on their time and knowing the priorities helps them stay on point. No business owner can do it alone, it takes a team to pull the business into the future. Knowing what to do now and what to put down for later makes it possible to accomplish more of the right things over longer timeframes.

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