Filling the Pipeline

Hoping for big growth in sales this year. But it has to be more than a wish and a hope. Know we should do more pipeline management. Any suggestions on how to make this year successful?

Thoughts of the Day: Think of buckets of activity, tipping from one stage into the next. Define your pipeline, starting with a universe of opportunities. Build a standard profile for each stage of the pipeline. And then do the numbers and track activity.

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Some Tactics to Speed Up Closing the Sale

With many of our clients it seems that there isn’t urgency to act. We need to get some sales closed now. How do I get prospects to act sooner?


THOUGHTS OF THE DAY: Help buyers recognize the consequences for not buying. Dare to be different, in a good way. Seek out companies that are actively working to improve their conditions.

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Learn to Sell Yourself to Beat Competitors


We are absolutely getting beat out on jobs. Even with referrals we are losing bids to a competitor who is doing shoddy work, making mistakes on estimating, installing the wrong materials and billing clients for significant upcharges. Obviously we need to be doing a better job selling ourselves. Help!

Thoughts of the day: Figure out if you’re calling on the right prospects. Help prospects discover your value through questions. Make sure you’re working with prospects who will do more than collect bids. Ask your referrals to get involved in more than vouching for you.

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