Filling the Pipeline

Hoping for big growth in sales this year. But it has to be more than a wish and a hope. Know we should do more pipeline management. Any suggestions on how to make this year successful?

Thoughts of the Day: Think of buckets of activity, tipping from one stage into the next. Define your pipeline, starting with a universe of opportunities. Build a standard profile for each stage of the pipeline. And then do the numbers and track activity.

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Communicate clearly through your marketing plan

We don’t know who we should be marketing to or how. We definitely don’t have a plan of attack. Looking for suggestions.

Thoughts of the day: Start by reading about what goes into making a good marketing plan. Define what makes your company stand out. Take a good hard look at who wants what you have to offer. Jump in by picking a few marketing efforts to focus on, but have a context into which those fit.

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