Pleasing the Bank

We need to get a loan to tide us over as we start to ramp up to our busy season. All the banks have been calling us saying they want our business, and so far we’ve talked to a couple. When we get into the details, we find they are hard to please. While the local reps say they want our business, the higher-ups don’t seem so eager. One bank said they didn’t want our business, another said they needed more information. Is it worth it going through the process? If we don’t get a loan it could be really tough managing cash until all our clients pay up.

THOUGHTS OF THE DAY: Understand what the bank wants. Be prepared to fill out a lot of forms. Ask for a realistic loan amount and repayment terms. Back up what you say with a business plan.

You need to have business experience. If you’re a startup with less than two years of history, getting any bank loan will be close to impossible. You’ll probably do better getting a personal loan and personally lending money to the company until there’s some history to show.

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