Afraid to Lose Clients


We have a huge fear of losing clients. Sometimes it paralyzes us. We’re afraid to stand up to bullies. We don’t raise prices. We’re not clear which clients we really need. We’re unsure if complaints are well deserved or just noise. And we’re not making enough money. This is messed up and we need to fix it. Any suggestions?


THOUGHTS OF THE DAY: When building a business, it’s not just about growing revenue, it’s about growing profits. Review client acquisition and retention practices. Build your list of ways to improve customer profitability and retain the best clients.

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Salvaging a Sales Person Who Is Struggling

We have a person who is helping us with sales. He’s opening a lot of doors, but not closing much. We like this person a lot and would like to see him succeed. What should we do?

Thoughts of the Day: Sales is a multi-disciplined job. Look for bad habits that are getting in the way. Consider if fears are holding your sales person back. Think about the kind of training you’re willing to invest in. Use a formula to figure out what to expect.

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Figuring Out If We’re Having An OK Year

We’re hitting our numbers in terms of new sales, but we’re still off in overall revenue and profit forecast. We’re trying to figure out what’s working and what’s not working. Is it mix? If the mix is OK, maybe our forecast was off? What about the time it takes to ramp up and show results?

THOUGHTS OF THE DAY: Delivering according to plan can be complicated. Coming up with a plan that makes sense can be just as challenging. Look at the puzzle from multiple points of view. Take a critical look at the timing of income and expenses.

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From Doer to Manager

Our shop guy needs help. His hands are on the machines because he doesn’t have the right people working for him. He doesn’t give out enough warnings, says he doesn’t have time to look for people to hire. He’d rather do the work than step back and manage. What should we do?

THOUGHTS OF THE DAY: Managers are made, not born. You will have to help your shop guy make time to step back and assess. Recruiting is a specialized skill. Find someone in the shop who can be a great second in command.

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The Value of Maintenance Work

We add one client and then we lose one. There’s no real growth in maintenance work. We have never done a campaign push to grow the maintenance side of our business. Should we focus there? And if so, how do we do it?

Thoughts of the Day: Consider the effort that goes into getting new customers. Make sure that the business lines you’re growing have long term value. Teach your employees about how valuable repeat customers are to the business, what that means to the company’s well-being long term, and what they can do to help.

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