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AskAndi 2010 Archive of Articles in PDF format


Get Ready to Calculate Your MIFROG
Get Operations Staff into Sales Game
Can an Easy Going Manager Manage the Business
Using Online  Tools to get the Word Out
Simplifying Processes
Explaining Year End to Employees
The Burden of Managing People
Infrastructure or Sales, Where is the Priority?
Selling Yourself on the Importance of Marketing
Gauging Market Share
All Kinds of Marketing
Hiring More Critical for Entrepreneurs
Losing Sleep in Stressful Times
Purchasing System Needs Improvement
Nobody is Empowered to Make a Decision
Weighing in on Mid-Year Bonuses
Giving as a Strategy
My Business Partner Should Know More About Profit Margins
Figuring Out My Role As Coach
Acquisitions: Why Now? What to Watch Out For
Rewarding Entrepreneurial Performance
Ready to Thrive
Bringing Family into the Business has its Risks
Time is Right to Perfect Your Business
Understanding Profits
Gross Profit, Anyone?
The Entrepreneurial Tangle
Credit Line is Up for Renewal
Staffer Getting Overloaded
Hiring Based on Referrals
Focus on Cost-Cutting or Plan for Growth?
How to Lock in Long-Term Clients
Evaluating the Bookkeeper
Taking Care of the Customer


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