Our 2008 Archives

AskAndi 2008 Archive of Articles in PDF format.


Peak Times Require Peak Performers
Preparing for the Next Generation
Moving to Another League
Shift Focus to Tasks on Hand
The Ins and Outs of CRM Software
Disaster Recovery and Computer Crashes
Do Your Due Diligence in Hiring a PR Firm
Building Innovation Healthy for a Company
Assessing the Abilities fo the Next in Line
Dont Count on Discounts
Whats Good About a Recession
Inventory Management
Making Sense of the Numbers
Dont Forget the Training
Recession Planning Pt 1
Recession Planning Pt 2
The Check is in the Mail
How Do You Fire a Customer
Sales Goal Setting
Finding a Networking Group
Looking For a Lifeline

Protecting Your Records, Require Good Backup, Teamwork

Growth Plan and Business Exit Strategy
Help, I Hate My Employees

I Need Some Business Help, We Can’t Deliver
To Be or Not To Be Incorporated

Website Re-do 101

Looking to Lease or Renew Know the Rules

Vacation Time Again
Economic Struggles Can Create Opportunity
Succession Planning in the Family Owned Business
Hiring Well
Selling Season is Here
What if the Market is Losing Interest
Beating the Odds
Lending Undergoes Changes
How Big is Your Room for Error?
What Should I Be Prepared For??
Working to Get the Best Out of Your Employees?
Making People Walk the Talk
Sales for the Rest of the Year
Don’t Let Sales Slide
Small Business – Our Last Untapped Economic Engine
Building Up the Work Team
Marketing Gameplan for 2009
‘Tis the Season to be Frugal?
No Pain, No Gain
The Objections?


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