Moving Customers Toward Making the Purchase


Some customers have told us that they don’t have the budget right now to buy. We know they’re not going somewhere else, they’re just postponing the purchase. How can we get them to take action sooner rather than later?

THOUGHTS OF THE DAY: Sometimes customers lack the will to act. Other times, you may not be talking to the real decision maker. Some customers need you to do the math for them. Make sure the customer knows you’ll be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Continue reading “Moving Customers Toward Making the Purchase”


Building a Sales Team

We need to grow sales, which means increasing the number of people we have calling on potential business opportunities. Unfortunately we can’t get people to come in to interview for sales positions. How are we going to grow if we can’t find the people we need to help us get there?


Thoughts of the Day: If you can’t find it, build it. Look further afield for candidates. Map out a process that anyone can follow. Build a profile of who you’re looking for.

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Getting Estimating Under Control

My partner is bogged down with estimates. Sometimes we spend too much time estimating and the payoff is low; but without a detailed estimate, we don’t really know the job cost and what to quote to a customer so we can make a profit. We need to focus on getting more sales, and my partner usually plays a big role in generating leads. I’m worried that the quoting effort will bog us down as we pursue more sales.

Thoughts of the Day: Having a rigorous, efficient way to estimate the cost of doing business is an essential business function. Form a team to work on estimating. Consider alternatives to a laborious upfront approach to estimating.
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Some Tactics to Speed Up Closing the Sale

With many of our clients it seems that there isn’t urgency to act. We need to get some sales closed now. How do I get prospects to act sooner?


THOUGHTS OF THE DAY: Help buyers recognize the consequences for not buying. Dare to be different, in a good way. Seek out companies that are actively working to improve their conditions.

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Afraid to Lose Clients


We have a huge fear of losing clients. Sometimes it paralyzes us. We’re afraid to stand up to bullies. We don’t raise prices. We’re not clear which clients we really need. We’re unsure if complaints are well deserved or just noise. And we’re not making enough money. This is messed up and we need to fix it. Any suggestions?


THOUGHTS OF THE DAY: When building a business, it’s not just about growing revenue, it’s about growing profits. Review client acquisition and retention practices. Build your list of ways to improve customer profitability and retain the best clients.

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