Summertime, and the working isn’t easy

Last year, we should have maxed out August. Ended up being one of our lowest months because of vacations, one guy on light duty then didn’t come in, second guy struggling with shoulder problems. We were counting on this revenue, and now we don’t have it. Can’t let that happen again this year. What should we do?

Thoughts of the day… Make a plan for what’s expected. It’s important to know how long each job will take. Weekly calendar adjustments are essential. Have a plan for making the last hour(s) of the day productive. Make time for downtime. Work with sales to maximize profits.

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Prioritize the workload and distribute it fairly


At certain times of the year, the people in the field aren’t working as much as we would like them to be. When things pick up, we find certain people who are doing a lot more than others. This has to be addressed, but we’re not sure how to fix it.

Thoughts of the day… Who is in charge of distributing the workload? What projects can get accomplished in slow times? What’s the reward for showing initiative? Make sure everyone understands what has to happen to make the company productive and profitable.

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Brace yourselves, growth is coming


A major referral source for us is gearing up for a big summer push. That’s the good news. The bad news is that they are worried if we can we keep up. This is a great problem to have, but we need to solve it. How do we assure them that we can meet their needs? This will be a big leap forward for us.

Thoughts of the day: First, make sure you want the influx. Assuming you do want the work, build plans to gear up and assign people to implement those plans. Put someone in charge of monitoring workflow and quality. Meet with your staff to fill them in on what’s expected. Build in time to celebrate successes and let off steam.

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Act now to stop a reactionary roller-coaster work style


Our company’s management style is very reactionary. We end up working late at night to fix things that got out of hand during the day. We jump from one crisis to another. We tell ourselves, “Don’t worry, it will turn around.” And we hope for the best. But that makes the business a roller-coaster ride. How do we turn it into smooth sailing? Continue reading “Act now to stop a reactionary roller-coaster work style”


Staying on top of projects requires communication and accountability

project management

We found out projects that we thought were done, weren’t. Other projects weren’t done profitably. How do we get control?

THOUGHTS OF THE DAY: Build tools to track your work. Use checks and balances. Hold a weekly project review meeting. Formally hand off every job at the beginning and at the end. Make profitability an accountability with teeth.

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