Fixing Production Delays

Things got behind in production and we’re trying to catch up. Can you give us any suggestions?

Thoughts of the Day: There are lots of contributors to backlog. Check on re-do’s and inventory. Take a look at which equipment is the most behind. Look for efficiencies. Build a realistic production plan. Assign staff to talk to customers.

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Getting Out the Door On Time

Want to have our field people get out the door faster. Some arrive late, and when they do punch in they take their time getting on the road. The field crews can’t get their work done and we can’t make money unless everyone is here on time and out the door almost as soon as they get here.


Thoughts of the Day:  Time is money – make sure your people understand that principle. Minimize opportunities for delay. Have a system to minimize delays. Focus on a factors that contribute to enhanced performance.

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Figuring Out Capacity

We’re trying to figure out how much our people can produce without going to another shift or farming work out to someone else. We have no clue whether it makes sense to hire more production people, or if we do add people, what kinds of people to add.

Thoughts of the Day:  Don’t waste potential guessing how to increase capacity, when simple math will yield concrete answers. Start with figuring out how much your firm can realistically produce under current conditions. Then look for production limitations to fix and efficiency and sales opportunities to capitalize on.

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Managing and Matching Customer Expectations

Customers aren’t happy and we need to get them roped back in. Can customer delivery problems be addressed productively? Is there a cookie-cutter approach?

THOUGHTS OF THE DAY: It’s a home run when you and the customer agree on what’s expected and you’re able to deliver exactly that. Know that customers who take time to explain their concerns are doing you a big favor. Set up a system to learn from breakdowns. Strive to match customer demands for level of quality, pricing and accountability.

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