Working with Intention Towards Marketing

We see marketing as necessary, we just don’t budget for it. And we don’t have a plan, no clue how to build one. We try stuff and hope it works. How much should we spend on marketing? How many things should we be trying? How do we figure out what to invest in for the future?

THOUGHTS OF THE DAY: Marketing is complex and most owners lack a comprehensive approach. Taking wild guesses is a popular approach, but not the best way to proceed. Improve your chances of getting what you want by defining where it is you want to go. Test, test, test, then commit.

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The Value of Maintenance Work

We add one client and then we lose one. There’s no real growth in maintenance work. We have never done a campaign push to grow the maintenance side of our business. Should we focus there? And if so, how do we do it?

Thoughts of the Day: Consider the effort that goes into getting new customers. Make sure that the business lines you’re growing have long term value. Teach your employees about how valuable repeat customers are to the business, what that means to the company’s well-being long term, and what they can do to help.

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Visibility on Social Media

Know that being visible on social media is important. We need to have better consistency with our posting to social media. Unfortunately, we find that allocating time to social media gets lost in the rush of everything else we have to get done. Also, coming up with a theme is time consuming and hard to come up with. Any ideas of what we can do?

Thoughts of the Day:  Make social media someone’s job, and make sure that person buys in to the importance of it. Identify the platforms your audience is on. Make a content calendar. Put technology in place to help manage social media. Create a mix of what you sell and who you are / what the company stands for.

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Trial and Error, or a Plan?

Dealing with a lot of trial and error with a bunch of marketing efforts, some that work and some that don’t pan out so well. I’m sure there’s probably a better way to go about it. Got any suggestions?

Thoughts of the Day: A marketing plan can give you a structured approach to marketing that can significantly increase your chances for success. Figure out how to come across with core message and identity. Define where you are, and where you want to get to. Describe the unique items. Then dig deeper into the how’s and why’s of interacting with prospects and converting them to customers.

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How Much is Enough Marketing?

We have some solid sales prospects in the pipeline, but not enough. Not knowing where all this year’s sales are going to come from just gnaws at me. How do I find peace? I want to be able to look ahead and know there’s enough activity in the works for me to hit my goals and sleep well at night.

Thoughts of the day: Start with figuring out what marketing and sales problems you’re trying to solve; set goals. Pick a set of activities that will help you meet the goals you set. Match activity to the pipeline stage you’re trying to beef up.

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