Need To Do More in Marketing Than I Have Time For

We have no one to work on marketing. Looks like I’m going to have to project manage it myself. But I don’t have the time to focus on it. Now what?

THOUGHTS OF THE DAY: Marketing does better when someone owns the department’s success. Make sure your marketing expectations are realistic. Look for someone who is already working in marketing who would like to pick up some additional work. Continue reading “Need To Do More in Marketing Than I Have Time For”


Building an Effective Sales and Marketing Plan

“I know sales can benefit from the guidance of a sales and marketing plan. But we don’t have one. What goes into that kind of plan? How do you make a plan that will be as effective as possible?”

THOUGHTS OF THE DAY: Define on paper what results you want to achieve in sales and then in marketing. Describe how resources will be allocated to achieve the goals you’ve set. Then measure results and adjust.

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Filling the Pipeline

Hoping for big growth in sales this year. But it has to be more than a wish and a hope. Know we should do more pipeline management. Any suggestions on how to make this year successful?

Thoughts of the Day: Think of buckets of activity, tipping from one stage into the next. Define your pipeline, starting with a universe of opportunities. Build a standard profile for each stage of the pipeline. And then do the numbers and track activity.

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Trade Show Payoff

Trade show last week was a total disappointment. More than the cost to register and have a booth, it cost time, travel expenses, and there is no chance we’ll make our money back. How can I avoid making this mistake again?

Thoughts of the Day: Smart marketers are always working to insure a payoff many times greater than the expense incurred. Do your homework before signing up. Once committed, use every resource available to maximize impact. Compare payoffs annually to better plan the upcoming year’s commitments.

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Our Company’s Future Voice

Our industry is going through a tremendous amount of change. We have to get ahead of the curve or we risk being left behind in a declining business. We need to figure out how to present ourselves in the best light to create opportunity in the future. What should we say about our future when we talk to potential and existing clients? What will result in a thriving, profitable business?


THOUGHTS OF THE DAY: Build a business that’s worth having in the future. Talk to successful, thriving customers about where they’re going and what they’ll need. Create a voice that mirrors your most profitable, forward-thinking customers and prospects.

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