Prioritizing at the Owner Level

Have a partner who can’t prioritize. He works on one thing until he’s done, doesn’t matter how frustrated he gets, gets stuck and just is stuck. How can I help him get unstuck so he can work on top priority things? For that matter, what should be at the top of the priority list?

Thoughts of the Day: There are only so many hours in the day at work, make each one count. Learn to make the most of individual differences Divide up the work. Set aside time to think and reflect. When in doubt, look at the job description.

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Instill Passion in Your Workers

We have concerns regarding our sales and service people. We need to see more intensity and passion. How do we help these people get there?

THOUGHTS OF THE DAY: What is it that you’re trying to accomplish? Define your real objectives. Give people a mission worth caring about. Take time to prepare your message so that it’s well received. Practice being adaptable.

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How to Keep Good Employees from Straying

Feels like the workforce pool is shrinking. We don’t want to lose good people who might get offers from other employers looking for talent. We want to link pay increases to results: you learn something, now you’re worth more money. What should we do?

Thoughts of the Day:  As the economy heats up, it’s normal for employees to consider their job options. People will stay put for lots of reasons – because they seek security, love the job, think highly of the company – but only up to a point. Big annual pay raises can be deadly unless they’re handed out in a more productive fashion, linked to the company’s performance. Also consider options for alternative forms of reward.

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Getting Employees to Do Their Jobs

We’re getting frustrated with the amount of effort needed to manage some of our employees. If we don’t babysit them, whatever they’re supposed to be doing more often than not falls off the table – either poorly done or not done at all. Feel like it’s becoming the issue du jour around here. They just need to do their job right and on time. Is that asking too much?

THOUGHTS OF THE DAY: Manage the assignments effectively. Hire for motivation. Give people a mission. Set up measuring sticks. Don’t tolerate defectors.

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Reading Between the Lines

I used to be able to read how people were feeling by observing their body language. Now communication is mostly over email and phone and that makes it harder for me to get clues as to what a person is feeling or how a person is reacting to what I have to say. Any suggestions?


THOUGHTS OF THE DAY: Any skill gets better with practice, including reading clues as to how others are feeling and reacting. It takes time and patience to figure out the signs. Interpreting what’s going on around us is key to more effective leadership. Start with your own communication.

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