Some Tactics to Speed Up Closing the Sale

With many of our clients it seems that there isn’t urgency to act. We need to get some sales closed now. How do I get prospects to act sooner?


THOUGHTS OF THE DAY: Help buyers recognize the consequences for not buying. Dare to be different, in a good way. Seek out companies that are actively working to improve their conditions.

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Leaders Focus on Smooth Running and Growing Year After Year

It’s up to me to organize the workflow – which is all about being in the office to oversee what’s going on. But I also have to arrange time when I don’t have to be in the office so I can be out selling. Those are my top two goals as the owner and leader of my company. How can you help me do a good job at both?

Thoughts of the Day: All business owners have lots of demands on their time and knowing the priorities helps them stay on point. No business owner can do it alone, it takes a team to pull the business into the future. Knowing what to do now and what to put down for later makes it possible to accomplish more of the right things over longer timeframes.

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Running Out of Gas

I usually think of our open invoices with clients as gas in the tank waiting to be put to use. Unfortunately our clients don’t seem to be paying their bills as fast as usual. It’s getting overwhelming. These outstanding accounts are going to bury our company and then take our house if they don’t get paid.


THOUGHTS OF THE DAY: Get others on board to help you collect as much as possible as quickly as possible. Figure out why invoices aren’t being paid. Implement new practices to manage collections in the future. Begin workout with clients that are seriously delinquent.

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Reading Between the Lines

I used to be able to read how people were feeling by observing their body language. Now communication is mostly over email and phone and that makes it harder for me to get clues as to what a person is feeling or how a person is reacting to what I have to say. Any suggestions?


THOUGHTS OF THE DAY: Any skill gets better with practice, including reading clues as to how others are feeling and reacting. It takes time and patience to figure out the signs. Interpreting what’s going on around us is key to more effective leadership. Start with your own communication.

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Our Company’s Future Voice

Our industry is going through a tremendous amount of change. We have to get ahead of the curve or we risk being left behind in a declining business. We need to figure out how to present ourselves in the best light to create opportunity in the future. What should we say about our future when we talk to potential and existing clients? What will result in a thriving, profitable business?


THOUGHTS OF THE DAY: Build a business that’s worth having in the future. Talk to successful, thriving customers about where they’re going and what they’ll need. Create a voice that mirrors your most profitable, forward-thinking customers and prospects.

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